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a blanket of... a host of... a large amount of a series of... a sum of money a variety of abdomen abdominal ability abnormal above-mentioned absence absent absorb abuse access accidentally accompany accomplish accomplishment accumulation achievement acid acknowledge acquire activate activity actually acupressure acupuncture add spice to... additional adhere to adhere administer administration admit adopt adrenal advanced affect affiliate aid ailment aim at aim air tube align all the time all-round allergy alphabetical alter altogether amenable to... amenable amount amputate analgesia analyse analytical anatomy and so on anesthesia anger antibacterial antibiotic-resistant antibiotic antibody anyhow aorta apart from appalling appearance appendicitis apply approach appropriate arrange for arrange arrangement arrest artery article artificial as a matter of fact as soon as as to as well as aspect aspirin assign... to assign assist associate associated with... astonishing at home at one's back at regular intervals at the expense of... at the last moment at the time at war atmosphere atomic attempt attend to... attend author automatic available award
background bacteriology bacterium ball-shaped bandage bank bark barrier base based on... basic be about to... be aware of... be composed of... be defined as... be derived from... be known as be located in be made from... be made up of... be marked by... be seated be sure to be to blame beam bedsheet beer beetroot behave bell-shaped beneath benefit besides beyond biliary tract biliary biochemistry biological biology blame blanket blindness block blood bank blood vessel bloodstream bothersome brain branch break down break breathlessness breed briefly brilliant bring about brisk bronchitis buffalo builder built-in bump by far by oneself by the hundreds by the way by way of... by... we mean
calcium callous campaign candidate capillary carbohydrate carbon dioxide carbon cardiologist care for career carelessly carrier carry on... carry out case catalog category causative agent causative centimetre central cerebral chalk channel characteristic of... characteristic characterize check-up chemotherapy chest piece childhood choke with anger choke circular circulate circulation circulatory civic claim classification classify clinic clinical coexist coldly collection collectively combat combination comfort commence community compare to... compare with... compare complaint complex complex complication component compose composition compound computer concentration concept conception concern concerned with... condition conduct confirm confusion conjunction connect... with... connect connective tissue connective consequence consequently considerable consist consistent consult consulting room contact contain contaminate content contribute to... control convenient coordinate copy cord correlate with... correlate cortex count counteract countess countless course cover cowpox creation criticism cross infection cross cultivate cure... of cure current custom customs cycle
damage deal with decade decay decision defence deficiency define degree delay deliberately demonstrate dentist deoxygenate department depend on depend derive describe described as description despite detachment detail detect determine detrimental devote diagnosis diagnostic aid diagnostic die from die of... die diet digest digestive digitalis dioxide diphtheria direction director disastrous discharge disclose discolor discomfort disease-producing diseased disinfect disinfectant dislocate disorder dissolve distillation distinguish from... distinguish disturb disturbance disturbing divide division dormitory drain away drain dreadful droplet infection droplet drug-fast duration
ear piece ease eat up effective effectiveness efficacious efficacy electron eliminate elimination emergency room emergency emphasize emphysema empirically enable encyclopedia endeavor engage engineering engulf enhancement ensue ensure entity environment ephedrine epithelial equipment eradicate error essential establish evaluate evaluation eventually evidence evolution exact example except for excuse me. excuse exercise exhale exhaust fume exhaust pipe exhaust exist existing exotic expense expensive explanation explicit extend extremely extremity eyeglass
faeces fail fairly fall ill fall into... fame fashion fast fatal fatigue fermentation fiction figure into figure out figure find out fitness florence nightingale fluid fluoroscopy follow-up foodstuff for example for instance fork formulate fortunately foundation founder fracture fragility free from... free of frequently frequently full of fume function functional fundamental fungus furniture further
gain access to... gain entrance to... gastrointestinal general anesthesia general generation gentle genuine germ get in one's way get to give off give rise to gland go by go into... go on go through go wrong grave grind grocery growth guard guest guide
hand down handkerchief happen hardness have contact with have to heal heartbeat heaviness helpful hematologist hemoglobin hemorrhage hepatic herb herbal hesitantly hold hollow homemade host human
idea ideal identify ill-mannered illustration imagine immediately immense immune to... immune immunity import impress in a position to+inf in accordance with in addition in case in charge of in combination with in detail in fact in honor of... in one's opinion in particular in position in store for in time in trouble in turn in use in-patient in... way incalculable increase incurable indicate indigestion indirectly indispensable to... indispensable individual indulge in... indulge infect information ingestion inhalation inherent inoculation inorganic inquire insert inside inspire institution instruction instrument integrate... with... integrate intensity intensive care unit interfere in... interfere with... interfere interference internal international interrupt interval intestine intimate intricate invader invasion invent investigate investigation invisible involve irritability irritate
keen keep up with keep... from... kidney
lab-technician labor laboratory lack lactic acid lactic laser latter lay laypeople lengthy lens lesion lesser leucocyte librarian lifetime like likely line linen liver lobe locate look after look forward to loosen
macroscopic magnify maintenance major make one's way make up malady man-like manage management manifestation manipulate mankind manner manufacture mark masterpiece means measure mechanism medical staff medical medication medicinal mental merchant mercury meridian merit metabolism microscopic mild mineral minister minor minute mix with... mix model mold monoxide morality moreover mosquito motto moxa moxibustion muddy murder muscular
nail naked eye naked name... after... namely naturally nature negligence negligent nervous tissue nervous neutron night blindness non-fiction non-living non-surgically none nonmetal normal normally noted notice nourishment nowadays nutrient nutrition nylon
objective observation observe observer obstruction obvious obviously obviously occur to sb. occur of benefit to... offer offspring on hand on one's own on the one hand on the other hand onion operate on operate operator opposition optical organ organic organism organization originate from... originate otherwise ounce out of... out-patient outer outstanding overcome ownership oxygen-laden oxygen
pain-killer panacea particle particular partly pass away pass by pasteurization pathogenic pathologic pathophysiology patient patiently paw-paw pediatric penetrate penicillin peptic ulcer peptic perceive perforation perform periodical peritonitis personally personnel pervade phagocyte phagocytosis pharmacologist pharmacology pharmacopoeia pharmacy phosphorus physical fitness physician physicist physiological physiology physiotherapy pick pipe planet plastic play... a role in... politely pollute polluter positively post office pound powder practically precision predict prediction preparation preparation prescribe prescription present prevalence prevent... from... prevention preventive primarily principle procedure proceed with... proceed process profession professional prognosis program prolong prolonged prominent promotion property protection protein provide provided province pulmonary pulsate puncture pure pus put... through to...
qualified quality quantity queue quinine
race radioactive radiochemistry rage range from... to ... range rare rate raw reaction reasonable recent recently recipe recognize recover from... recover recuperate reduce refer to reference regarding regular regularly regulate regulation relate relatively release relief remark remedy render renovate replace by replace represent reproduce reproduction request research reset resist resistant to... resistant resource respectively respiratory respond to respond response to response responsibility responsible restore... to health restore result in... resultant reveal revolutionize rib richness rickets right away robot rod-shaped round the clock route routine ruin rust
safeguard salt sample satisfactory scar scarcely schedule scope scrutinize scurvy seat secondary secret secrete secretion secretly section seek seemingly self-disciplined self-limited self-sacrificing separate... from... separate seriously servant service set to work set up severe severity shadow shatter sheer shot sign significance significant silkworm silver similar to... single site skilled smallpox smog sneeze so-called soil solely soluble solve somewhat sore sound sour spaceship spare specialist speciality specialize in... specialize specially specific spice spinal cord spinal spine splint square staff staphylococci sterilize stethoscope stick stiff stimulus stomach-ache stomach store storey strain strenuously streptomycin strict strictly strip structural structure subdivision subject-matter subject substance sulphur sum supplement surface surgery surgical surprise surroundings suspect swallow swarm sympathetic symptom syndrome systemic
take care of take off take on take one's turn take place talent tax tear term terminate tetanus the latter the profession therapeutic therapy thirdly thorough thoroughly thousand thread thyroid timely tissue title to one's surprise to some extent to sum up tongue towel toxin tract tradition traditional training tranquilize transfer transformation transfusion transmission transplant transport trap trash treasure-house treat treatment tremendous trouble tube twirl type typically
ulcer ultrasound unaffected unaided eye unaided uncomfortable undertake unduly unique unit universally universe unrestrainedly unrivalled unsound up to upset urine utilization utter
vaccination value valve vanish varied variety vascular vast vein vessel vessel vigorous virtue virus visible vital vitamin
ward warrant weight welcome well-balanced well-being well-informed well-mannered what is more whatever whatsoever whereas whereas whoop whooping cough widespread width wine wipe out with ease wonder wonderful work at... world-wide worry about... worship wrong
yeast yield to... yield
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