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a pack of abscess absolute absorption abundant academy accept acceptance accident accidental accordingly account for account account accuracy ache achieve achievement acid-base balance acid-base acidity act upon adapt adenosine adequate administrative adult advantage advisory afflict afterward agenda agent aircraft aldehyde alien alimentary alkalinity allergic to allergic allow allowance alternatively alveolus amass ammonia amputation anabolism analgesic anatomically anesthesiologist anesthetic anesthetist anesthetize anoxia antagonist antagonistic anti-cowpox antigen antisepsis antiseptic anus ape appendectomy appendix appetite application appreciate approval approve approximately approximately argue argument arouse artificially artist as a whole as it were as well as asepsis aseptic assimilation at a glance at least at one's disposal attach attain attestation attributable to attributable aureomycin authoritarian autograft automobile avert await awake awkward
back and forth bacteriologist basal basement basically be afflicted with be descended from be doomed to be exposed to be favorable to be identical to be linked to be subdivided into be suitable for beast behaviour billion bind biochemical bleed blindly blink branch out into breaking-down breakthrough brief brilliantly bronchial bronchus brownish bubble buffer building-up by accident by chance by dependent on
cable calm calory canal canvas carbonic acid carbonic cardiovascular catabolism cavity cellular centimeter certificate champion chew chickenpox childbirth chimpanzee chloroform choice chronic cigarette cilia cilium circumstance clearance climate clot clump cluster coagulation coenzyme collaborate collaborative colony commonly communicate comparatively comparison complain of complain complicated comprehend comprise conceive concise conclusive conductivity confine conquer conquest constrict construct constructive contagious content continual contraction contribution convalescent convenience conversely convey convince core cornea cortisone coryza creationist credit crosshatch crucial crystal culprit curb curiosity curious
dare daring deadly declare decompose deem definition deliver delivery demand demonstration denote deny dependent depict depression depth descend deserve design designate desire despatch destructive deviation device diabetes diagram diaphragm diffuse digestion dilute dirt disadvantage discipline discontinue discourage discovery disposal dissipate distant distinct dock document donor donor doom dose draft dramatically dreaded dressing drink in dub duplicate dye
eagerness ecological economy effect efficient elaborate elderly electrocardiograph element elimination eminent emotion enclose encouragement ending endocrine endothelial enormous entry envelop enzyme epidemic equally erythrocyte esophagus especially ether ethyl chloride ever-bubbling evolutionary evolutionist evolve exception exchange excrete excretory excretory exert expectation experimental experimentation expiration explanatory expose exposure expulsion extra
facilitate fall short of fall family planning fascinate faultless faulty favorable favour fellow ferocious fertility fetus fight off filterable finally find application fit... into flexibility flexible flourish flu fluffy folic acid for instance for short foregoing foremost formed element former formerly frequent frozen fuel fulfill functionally fund furnace furnish
gallon ganglion gasoline gastrostomy gather gel genetic geological gesture get rid of gifted glance glove go hand in hand with god gonad gown graft grammatical grant gratitude
hack hacking cough hairlike cilium hairlike halt hand in hand haphazard harmful hazard headache heal heat-regulating heterograft hold water homeostasis homograft hormone hospitalize human being hypothesis hypoxia
identical ignore illness image imitation immunization immunize immunosuppressive imply impulse in favour of in vitro in vivo inactivate incidentally inclusive incorporate incubation independently indicate indoor induce inevitably inexact infancy infant infantile infectious infective inflame inflammation inflammation influenza inform ingenious inhale inherit inhibit inject injection inspiration instance institute institution instructive insulin interpret interrelate interstitial intestinal intonation intracellular intravenously introduce introduction introductory invention invitation irregularity isolate issue
joint journal jungle
ketone killer kilocalorie
larynx lastly lay out least length leprosy lessen lethal life-threatening lifelong lift lignocaine gel lignocaine likewise limb linguistic lining link list loss lull lymph lymphoid
mainly maintain majority make-up man-made manual mastery match meanwhile measles medium medulla membrane memo memorise mend merely merry metabolic metabolize meticulous microorganism microsurgery mildly milkmaid minimize miracle miraculous miraculously moderate modify moisture mucosa multiply mumps mutate mystify
native naturalist nausea necessity nerve endings nerve network neuron neutralize nevertheless newborn niche nicotine nightfall nitrous oxide nitrous no longer node non-smoker nonhuman nonspecific notably notion notorious numerous numerous
oblongata observation obstetrics occasionally occurrence officer officially omit on this ground opium oral ordinarily origin outbreak outward overall overlook oxidize
pack painless painstaking pancreas partially participant particle passageway passive pathogen pattern pave payment per cent per diem performance periodically persist pertussis pharyngitis pharynx phase pickup pigment pin pituitary placenta plasma plate platelet playmate plug up plug plunge pneumonia pneumonia poem poet poisonous poliomyelitis portal possibility post-operative potential potentially precede preceding precipitate precisely preface pregnant preliminary premeditation presently pressure previous prick primate principal print prior to prior privilege probably procaine program promote promotion pronunciation proof propel proportionately propose publish purpose putrefaction pyridine
quart queen
rabies radioisotope radium rail ravage readily reality reason reattach recall recipient recipient rectum reflex regain regard reject rejection relation relative relaxation relaxed reliable relieve religion reluctantly remarkable remove renew repetition replacement replacement reproductive resemble reservation reset residence resistance resort respiration resume revelation rhinitis rid someone of rid rocky romantic roughly royal rub rupture rusty
sac sail through sail salinity saliva salivary gland salivary scarlet fever scene scientifically scorching scourge search for search secondary sedative selection sensation sensible sensitive to sensitive sentimental sepsis serum set about settle down to settle down sewage sex sharpness shortly shortness of breath shortness side effect signal signature signify similarity simplified sincerely situated skeletal slightly slow down slow up sniff solar solution somehow soothe southeast Asia southeast spare part species specifically sphygmomanometer spoil spot spotlight spray sprinkle stable stage statement statistical sterilization steroid stimulate streptomycin stride subdivide submit subsequent subsequently subway successful successively sufficient suitable sulfa drug superficial supersonic suppress survival susceptible to susceptible suspend swallow sweep swine flu swine symposium synthetic
table tablet take great pains take over tank tar target taste technique teem teeming tend to tend tendency tension terramycin the alimentary canal the foregoing the former threaten thrombocyte tissue-type tissue-typing to sum up tobacco tone tonsil tonsillitis toothache toxoid trace tracer trachea tracheitis traffic transform transit transplantation transportation travel traveller trial trifling triphosphate tropical turn out typhoid
ultimately unabsorbed uncomplicated unconsciousness undated underlie undoubtedly undreamed of unexplained unfavorable universal donor universal unlike unnatural unnecessarily untold untoward upward urinary usage use up utilization utilize
vaccinate vaccine valve variant ventilate verify victim victim viewer viral virulent visa visual aids visual voluntary vomit
ward off ward weaken weaken weakness wear off whatsoever widely wilderness windpipe with a view to with best regards with flying colors witness wring
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