Bessemer converter Bill of Rights Bronze Age
Declaration of Independence
Glacier National Park
House of Representative
Lower World
Plain Indian Culture Puritan father
REM (rapid eye movement)
Ten Commandments This World Treasury Department
Upper World
What a vision! What of... ? Wigman system Winnipeg Grain Exchange
a beam of light a blast of a burning desire a cluster of a column of water a constant temperature a crew of a crushing blow a favorite topic a grain of truth a great many a great variety of a gust of wind a host of a household word a mess of a rule of thumb a series of a set of a speck of a strip of a suite of a variety of a wealth of accomodate to accuse sb. of... acid rain adapt to add to add up to adjust to advanced composition air current all but all night long along with amine acid amount to an array of and the like apart from appeal to sb. apply to arctic (tern) arouse controversy arrive at as a result of as a result as a rule as follows as the case might be as the name suggests as well as as with as... go assembly line assume control of astronomical body at a rate of at a run at all costs at an angle at any price at best at great length at home in at large at liberty at maturity at most at the opposite extreme at the peak of at the request of at the suggestion of at the word of command at will atmospheric pressure attach importance to attach... to... attribute... to... avant-garde artist await publication
baby boom back and forth balsam fir battle against be absorbed by be accompanied by be accustomed to be admitted to be analogous to be applied to be applied with be assigned to be associated with be at a loss be at war with be attributed to be bound by be bound to be carpeted with be cast up on be characteristic of be closely bound up with be combined with be committed to be compared to be confined to be connected by be connected with be convinced that... be credited to... be dedicated to be derived from be directed against be distinguished for be dotted with be dramatized by be exposed to be filled with be friendly with be heavily forested be held in particularly high be held in position be honored with be in the hands of be left for dead be limited to be located on be obliged to be of prime importance be patterned on be paved with be preferable to be put in chains be recognized as be related to be reported as be resistant to be restricted to be secreted from be short of be substituted for be taken by be the case be the rage be the rule be tired of be traced to be viewed as before long begin with the idea that behind the lines belt buckle billions of birth rate blood plasma blood pressure blood serum blood stream blow out blow up blue whale born into bounce bout brain wave break down into break into break off break off break ties with breeze up bright spot bring in bring sb. to the scene bring sth. to a close bring... to an end routine broad-brimmed hat build confidence bump into burn out burst apart by accident by means of by no means by one's own admission by one's own power by the (thousands) by the age of by the close of by the way by twos
call for cannot help but capture the imagination of care about care for carry out carry sth. on one's back carve out of cash prize catch a glimpse of catch on cater to... caught up with cause damage to cave painting chains of islands chamber music chaos and confusion chemical bond chemical compound chemical integration chip out church tower circulatory system civic duties civil law civil service civil war clay pottery clean up cling to close in on close-up view closed circuit television coal mine coated with coax sb. into doing sth. collide with colonial expansion colored filter combine... with come across come due come into being come into one's own come on come to come under heavy criticism come upon communicative competence commuter train compete with computer programmer concentration on concern oneself with confer sth. on sb. conform to consist of continental drift continental shelf contrary to contrast with convection current convection zone convert... into... convex polygon cope with correspond to count on course offering craft of poetry credit sb. with sth. crew modules critical point crouch curio hunter cut down
dance to jazz music date from deal with decision point dedicate oneself to defend oneself against deprive sb. of sth. derived from descriptive statistics desert landscape despite the odds develop confidence in sb. devoid of devote one's attention to devote oneself to die break die down die hard die out digestive system distinguish... from... double-glazed panel draft plan drip cup drum skin duct gland due to
earn the name of elective system electric current electric eel electric resistance electric traction line electric trolley electromagnetic spectrum emission control empty... of... end in endangered species energy content enter a race entrance requirement environmental concerns equilateral triangle every item of dress every walk of life exercise one's activity exocrine gland expansion program exploratory trip
fade away fall in between fall in steps with fall into fall short of far beyond the planets fasten to fatten sth. up fault system feed on fertilized eggs fill in fill out fill the bill fill up fishing enthusiast fit the bill flash out flies in amber flour sack focus on follow close to the line of follow suit food processing for a time for the most part for the time fossil fuel free of from generation to generation from sb.'s of view from sb.'s standpoint from without and within front teeth frost heaving full authority full moon fully outfitted for
gain a win gain easy access gain interest among games of chance gamma radiation gem topaz geologically speaking geomagnetic field get into hot water get under way get... in tone gifted with give birth give off give rise to give way to go about go as follows go back as far as go back to go off gold rush gold-headed cane governing class grass plains graze on grind up grizzly bear grocery store gypsy moth
half brother halfway path hand out hand-held drum hand-to-hand combat handsome salary harden into have a good idea of have a strong arm for have an advantage over have but one have effect on have intimate knowledge of have less to do with have more to do have on sth. have sth. to do with have... in common heartbreak over high kick high performer high plains higher education hillbilly music hired hand historical perspective hold back hold positions of authority hold to hold up hold... in place home front honored with... hook up horizon lines horse and cart horse-drawn trolley hydraulic shield hydrogen cyanide
ice Age ice cap ice cube idiomatic expressions if sorts immediate forebear in a brilliant fan in a large part in abundance in abundant supply in addition to in advance in an early form in combination in conjunction with in constant motion in contact with in cooperation with in depth in extent in favor of in general in half in harmony with in high gear in one's own right in one's power in one's turn in oneself in operation in other words in proportion to in proportion in quantity in relation to in route from... to... in showers of spark in significant measure in so far as in some cases in terms of in the depth of in the hope of in the midst of in the open air in the past in the sense of in the spotlight in the strictest sense in theory in this manner in this respect in turn independent of indulge in inferential statistics inferior to insofar as instant color print insulation board interact with interfere with intergalactic space intestinal wall iron rail iron rod ironing table irrelevant to it is not just that...
jaw muscle jibe with jigsaw puzzle jump out at
keep abreast with keep at keep count of keep out keep record keep to keep up with keep with sb.'s orders keep... on board key component keyboard instrument killer whale know better know next to nothing of...
laden with later years lava cave lawn sprinkler lay claim to lead out leave no sort of trace let off liberal arts life cycle light bulb light court link... to... literary output living quarters lock system long johns look into lose consciousness lose sight of love affair loyal to lubricating oil
main subject maintain order major general make a point make a tribute to make an impact on make one's way to make sketches of make the difference make the most of make up make way for manufacturing or mining center marine scientist mass production mass transportation massed movement maverick medicine man membership fee merge into merit and demerit methyl cyanide migratory bird mill town mirror film model oneself after modus operandi monarch butterfly more specifically more succinctly more than motor center move into much less multiple service musical composition
name after native to (the west) natural balance nervous system news coverage no wonder not-too-distant future nuclear energy nucleic acid
object lesson of all time of special note of the day of the essence of the period off course oil refining on a daily basis on an equal base with on hard times on one's own on the battlefield on the bottom on the heavy side on the other side on the part of on the spot on the strength of on the urban scene on the whole on the whole on their way on various occasions only that... open ended open up operational mine or whatever order of magnitude organic food original version originate from other than out of place over millennia over the horizon over time
parking lot participate in pass on pass the time pass up pattern sth. after pay close heed to peace table peat bog penal colony per capita perform a role perform onstage periodic reversal persist in personal conferences personal contact perspective glass physical decay pick up picture tube piece together pivotal figure plastered with plate glass plate tectonics play an important role plot out point of departure point to polar region political favor positive and negative effects postage stamp pour out into power failure power plant powered trial bike powerful Earth-based telescope present difficulties press coverage primary concern prior to private industry produce results producer group prominent provided that... public amenities public land policy public opinion public school public sentiment public transit pull forward put another way put back put sb. against put the interests of... ahead put through put up put... in place
qualify as quarry operation quarter century quotation mark
rag paper railroad industry raise money range from... to... rather than raw material raw sewage reach its peak ready market real estate red cedar reduce... to... reenter politics refer to reference point reference to reflective glass reflective tape refuse site regardless of relative speed relevant to removed from renew a friendship replace... with... reproductive capability residential lot result from result in retentive power return to life reward sb. rich in rocking chair roll over root in rough hands run into run out of run parallel to run wild running north and south rush out rust away
satellite city satisfy one's desires satisfy one's needs scat singing scholarly attainment scoop up sea anemone seal up second job seek after sense organ service industry set a record set sth. in motion set the stage for set the table set up set... in motion shift from... to... shine through short of show off shut down shut out side with sieve tube sign language sink into an existence slavish copy slip away slow down social concerns social worker solar astronomer solo instrument sort out soundly asleep space agency space shuttle speak of speed up spend one's entire fortune sperm whale spring into being spring up stand at standards of admission start out stem from still life arrangement stinging cell stock exchange stretch out strike a serious blow at string instrument subject matter subject of much debate subject to substitute A for B sum total sum up superior to susceptible to swarm of switch to oils switch to synonymous with
table salt take a step take advantage of take care of take charge of take control of take hold take issue with take measures take note of take on take over take sth. Seriously take sth. for granted take the offensive on all fro take to take up taken in this sense tally book target discrimination on... target organ technological base teeth root tend to tens of thousands of testify to the human race the overwhelming majority the spot of earth the turn of the century theater critic theory of probability thin out throw off throw oneself into tin can tip the scales at tissue fluid to a great degree to the extreme tooth wear top dogs town council trail dust transform... into... transit line trip wire tune in to turn down turn one's attention to turn out turn to turn up turtle shell
unaided eye unbound hair under construction under favorable conditions under pressure under sb.'s directions up to upside down urban sprawl usher in
vantage point very simply put view... as... visual illusion vocal chord volcanic vent
wad up warn sb. of sth. wary of waste away waste disposal wear and tear were it not for win approval wind instrument wing bone wipe out with an eye for with reference to with respect to wonder food work on the idea of work out worker honeybee wrap up
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