ID card
a case in point a series of abdomen above all absolute absurd absurdly academic academician according to act on action admission admit ado advance advertise advertisement agree on agreement ah alert algebra all but ambition ambitious anniversary annoy anticipate anticipation anyway apart applaud application application application apply appoint appointment appreciate appreciative approach apron arbiter archaeology archeology architecture argue argument arithmetic arrest artist as far as... be concerned as far as as to astronomer at ease at one time or another at one's best at the sight of atmosphere atom atomic attach importance to attach attendant auto automobile avoid awry ax axe
bait balance bare base on base upon baseball bat be bound to be composed of be different from be faced with be hard on be known as be seated be short of beam beard behave behavior behavioral behaviour believe in belly belt bent bewilder billion biographer bitterness bloodshot bootlace bother bound brick brief bring back buck private butterflies in the stomach butterfly by one's estimate
cabbage campaign campus canoe capability capable of capable carbon carpenter carpet case catch hold of central certificate character charge chary check-out cherry civilization civilize civilized clean up clerk clue cobra colonel colonial come to terms with come to come to come to commanding comment committee commotion competency competent competent competently complacent compliment compose compound fracture compound conceit conceited concern conclude conclude conclusion concrete conference confidence confident conflict conservation conserve considered consist (of) consist of consistent consistently consolidate consolidated constant constant constantly constitute constitution constructive contagious contented contract contraction convey cop correspond corresponding countless countryman cozy crash crawl cream create creation cricket criminal criminal crisis critic critical critical criticism criticize criticize crouch crumb curiosity custom customer
deadly deaf-and-dumb deaf debt deduce deduction defensive depress depression detail determine devise dining room diploma disapproval discourage dishonesty dismay display dissatisfy distrust divine doc. dorm dozen dramatic dramatically draw to a close dread dreary drop drown dumb dunk dwell on dwell
earn ease ebb economy editorial educate embarrass emerge emergence emergency emission emit emotion encounter end up equation era err error essay estimate evaluate evaluation evergreen evidence evil excellence excitement exclusive exclusively exhaust existence exit explore extreme extremely
faint false fame favorable favorably favourable favourably feasibility feasible feel like figure file fish out flatter flaw flee flow flying saucer foist for one thing... (for another) for sure forfeit formation fortune fracture frequent frequently frustrate frustration fume function fund fuss
garage gardener gas station gas generally geometry get hold of give off glorious glove go down go up go wrong goddamned graceful gracefully granite grant gravel grind grunt gunman
hammer handle hardware hasten have hold of hazard headmaster heartily hesitate hesitation highly hood hopeless horrify host hostess household word household housewife housework hover human humble humor humorous
ice-cream idealism identification identify ignore ill-tempered illusion image immune immunity importance impress impulse in advance in common in detail in existence in force in practice in the case of in turn incident incompetent independence indicate indication indication indignity indirect indirectly inevitable inevitably influence infrequently inn instinctively intellectual intelligent intent interview intricate invest investigate investigation investment
jealous jealousy jerk joke judging by judgment
last latter launch laundry leave behind leave... to legacy leisure lie in light up likely linguist link live on live with living load local logic loop
mail major make a fuss of make a fuss over make for make out make up making manned marble margin matter-of-fact mean nothing to measure melodramatic misdemeanor misdemeanour monoxide moral moron motion mouse moustache much ado about nothing mug shot mug mumble muscle myth
name after naturalist near nephew no way nobleman noodle normal not much of a numerical numerous
observe obtain obvious obviously off balance on the other hand on the rise on-the-spot only too onto open up operate oracle origin original originally ounce out of style outgrow overcharge overnight owe oxygen
pad painful particle particular pass on pat on the back peaceful peacefully peek penalty perceptive perform perpetual personal personality philosophy photoelectric pick out planet plea plus poem poll pollute pollution possess post prefer preference prepare for present press conference pretension previous prewritten principle private proceed proctor profound program project projection pronouncement properly prospect protest psychological psychology publish pull out(of) puncture pursue puzzle
quit quizzically
rafter rage range razor react reactor reasoning regent register reinforce reject rejection relative relatively relativity relax relaxation relay release relive reluctant remark repeatedly replay reporter requirement resent resentment residency resident resolution resolve respond response responsibility reveal revert reward rewarding ring out ringer rotate rotation routine rupee
salary salesman sandy-coloured satellite saucer scissor scissors scold scrape scrub secure security self-confidence self-evident series set back set-up shave sheepish shortly shot shrub shrubbery shrug off shrug signal similar simplicity simply single out sit on skyscraper slam slight slight slightly slim smash smell of smugly so much so that sole solution somehow sound source spacious specific speeder spirited spiteful split second split spring up squabble stab stain stalagmite stale statesman stationery stick up stiff straw string style subsection suburb sunlight sunshine superior superiority supermarket surgery surgical surprisingly survival survive sweat system systematic
take apart take sth. for granted talent tax technology telescope tempt temptation tend theft theoretical theorist theory thereafter think of... as threat threaten thrill tidy tireless tone towel track down tradition traditional trail off trail tray trigger try... on trying tube turn out type
ultimate uncertainty undo uneasy unexpected unfit unlike unpleasantly unquestioning
vague vaguely vanity vast veranda verbal vital vitals volume
wage waiter waitress wallet watch-dog watermark weary whereupon widen work out worthy (of) worthy of writer
yo-yo youngster
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