abate abbreviation abhor abominable abound abridge abrupt absolve abstain abstruse accede acceleration accentuate acclaim accomplice accountant acquiesce activate adamant adaptable adept adjacent adjoin admonish adolescence adore adorn adroit advent adversity aerial aesthetic affected affectionate affiliate affinity affirm afflict affluent aggravate aggregate agitate agitation ailment aisle alienate allegiance allergic alleviate allude allure aloof alteration aluminium amalgamate amass ambiguity ambition ambivalent amenable amend amenity amiable amicable amplify analogous anarchy anathema ancillary anecdote anguish animosity annex annihilate annul anomalous anomaly antagonism antagonist anthem anthropology antibiotic apathetic apathy apparel applaud appraisal appreciable apprehension apprehensive apprentice apt aptitude aquatic arable arc archaeology archives ardent ardor arduous arena arid aristocrat aromatic arrogant articulate artillery as yet ascend ascertain ascetic aspiration aspire aspirin assail asset assiduous assimilate assuage astute asylum atlas attenuate attest attic auction audacious audible audit auditorium augment auspicious austerity authoritative authorize autocrat autonomous autonomy auxiliary avail avalanche avant-garde avarice avenge averse avert avid avow awe awry azure
bacteria bacterium badge badger badminton baffle bait bald ballad ballet balmy banal banish bankruptcy barbarous barbecue barge barometer barren barricade barter batch beacon beguile bellicose benefactor benevolent benign bent berth beset besiege bestow beverage bibliography bilingual bizarre blackmail blanch bland blaze bleach bleak blink blithe blot blunder blunt blur boisterous boost booth botanical botany bouquet boycott brawl breach breakdown bribe bridle brink brisk brittle brochure broil brood brook browse brusque buckle bulge bully buoyant bureaucracy burgeon burial burrow bust bustle buzz bypass
calamity calcium callous camouflage cant capricious capsule captious cardinal cascade cashier castigate casualty catalyst catastrophe catch on cater caustic cavity celebrated celebrity celestial cellar censor censure census cereal cerebral certify chant chaotic charity chary chasm chaste chastise chic chide chilly chirp chivalrous choir chronological chunk circumspect civic civility clandestine clarify clarity cleave clench coalition coax coerce cogent coherent cohesion coincidence collate collateral colossal coma combustible combustion come along comet commemorate commence commend commiserate commitment commodious commute compassion competence complementary complexion compliance compliant complimentary comport composite comprise compulsion concede conceit conceited concentration conciliation concise concoct concord concur condescend condolence conducive confer confide configuration confiscate conform conformity congenial congestion conglomerate congregate conjecture conjure connoisseur conquest conscience conscientious consecutive consequent conserve considerate consign console conspicuous conspiracy conspire constrain construe consummate contagion contagious contaminate contention contingency contingent contravene contrive convene converge copious cordial corporate correlate corroborate corrode corrupt cosmic cosmopolitan cosmos costume cosy couch counteract counterfeit counterpart coupon covenant coverage covert covetous cozy cram crater crave crease credentials credulous creed creek crevice cripple crooked crouch cruise crumb crumble crumple crunch culpable cult cultivate cumbersome cunning curb cursory curtail custodian cute cynical
dangle dart daunt dauntless dazzle deadlock dean dearth debacle debauch debris decadence decadent deceit deciduous decipher decorous decree decrepit decry default defendant defer defiance deflect deform deft defunct defy degenerate degrade delectable deleterious delinquency delinquent delude deluge delusion demobilize demography demolish demur denomination depict deplete deplore depose depreciate derelict deride descent desperate despicable despise despondent destitute detach detection deter detergent deteriorate detest detriment detrimental devastate deviate devious devoid devour dexterous differentiate diffuse dilapidated dilate diligent dilute dingy diploma diplomat disastrous disband disciple discord discourse discreet discrepancy discrete discretion disdain disintegrate dismal dismay disparage dispel disperse displace dispose disposition dissipate distend distinguished distribution ditch diverge diversion diversity divert dividend divine dodge domain dome donation dormant doze drainage drastic drawback dreadful dreary drench dribble drizzle dual dubious duel dwarf dwelling dwindle
eccentric eclectic ecstasy edible eerie effusive eject elapse elastic elation elicit eligible elite eloquence eloquent elucidate elusive emaciated emanate emancipate embargo embed embellish embody embroil embryo emergence eminent emit emulate enact enchant enclosure encompass encumber encyclopedia endeavor endorse endurance enervate engrave engross engulf enlist entail entangle enthusiastic entice entity entreat entrepreneur envisage enzyme ephemeral epidemic epigram epitome epoch equitable equity equivocal eradicate erase erode errand erratic erroneous erudite erupt escalate eschew escort esoteric ethnic etiquette eulogy evacuate evade evasive evict evoke exacting exalt exasperate excavate exceedingly excel exclusion excursion exemplary exempt exemption exhale exhaustion exhilarate exhort exodus exonerate exorbitant exotic expedient expel expend expertise expiration exposition expulsion expunge exquisite extenuate exterminate extinction extol extort extract extraneous extravagant extricate exuberant exult
fabricate fabulous facade facet facetious facile faction fallacious fallacy fallible fanatic fantasy farce fascinating fastidious fatuous fawn feat feeble feign fell ferment ferocious fervent fervor fetish fetter feud fiasco fickle fictitious fidelity filth fiscal fitting flaccid flagrant flair flamboyant flask flatter flaunt fleck fleeting flexibility flick flicker flimsy flip flirt flora florid flounder flourish flout fluctuate fluffy flutter flux foam foil foliage folklore foment foolhardy for the most part foray foremost forensic forestall forfeit formidable forsake fort forte fortify fortitude fortuitous foul fractious fracture fragile fragrance frail frantic fraternal fraud fraudulent fraught fray freak fret frigid fringe frugal fulminate fulsome fumble fume funnel furrow furtive fusion
gadget gainsay galaxy gale gallant gallop galvanize gape garnish garrulous gasoline gaudy gem generator generosity genial genre germane germinate ghastly gibe gist glamorous glamour gleam glean glib glimmer glisten gloom glossary glossy glum gnaw go about goad gorge gorgeous gown granite graphic grate gratification gratuitous gravel greenhouse gregarious grill grim grit groan groom grope grotesque grove growl grudge grumble gulp gush gust guy
habitat haggard haggle hail harass hardy hasten hatchet haughty haven havoc hawk hazardous heave hectic heed heinous helmet herald heretic heritage hew hideous hierarchy hike hilarious hinder hinge hitch hoard hoarse hoax hobble hoist hold on to holocaust homage homely homogeneous hop horrible hospitable hospitality hostility hound hover howl hubbub huddle hue humane humdrum humiliate hurl hurricane hush hybrid hygiene hypocrisy hypothetical hysterical
iconoclast ideology idol ignite illegible illegitimate illicit illuminating illusion illustrious immaculate immerse imminent immortal immune impair impart impasse impeccable impede impending imperative imperious impervious impetus implacable implicate implicit implore importune imposing impromptu improvise impudent inadvertent inalienable inane inanimate inaugurate incarcerate incarnate incendiary incentive inception incessant incipient incisive incite inclination incompatible inconceivable increment incriminate incumbent incur indefatigable indefinite indelible indent indenture indigenous indigent indignation indomitable inept inert inexorable inexplicable infallible infectious infest infinity infringe infuriate ingenuity ingenuous inhibit inhuman innate inordinate inquisitive insane insidious insinuate insipid insolent insomnia inspection instantaneous instigate instinctive instrumental insufficient insular insurgent insurrection intact intangible integral intellect intelligible intensify intercept interim intermittent interrogate intersection intersperse intimacy intimidate intoxicate intrepid intricate intrigue intrinsic intrude intuition inundate invalid invaluable inventory inverse invert inveterate invincible invoice ironic irony irreconcilable irrevocable irrigation itinerary
jagged jargon jeer jeopardize jerk jog jolly jolt jubilant judicial judicious jumble junk juvenile
kernel kin kindle kinetic kit
laborious laconic laden lament languid languish lapse larva lash latent lateral lathe laudable lavish lax lease leave off legacy legislate legitimate lenient lethal levity levy liaison limpid linear liquidate listless literacy literal literally lithe litter loath loathe lobster lodge lodging lofty loiter longevity loop loot loquacious lottery lounge lubricant lucid lucrative ludicrous lull lumber luminous lunatic lurch lure lurk luscious luxuriant lyric
magistrate magnanimous maim malevolent malice malignant malleable malnutrition maltreat mandate mandatory maneuver mania manifest manifold mansion mantle mar marginal marital maritime marrow marsh martial martinet martyr marvel massacre maturity maxim maze meager meander meddle mediate medieval mediocre meditate meek melancholy menace menial mentor mercenary merge mesmerize metabolism metaphor meticulous metropolitan microbe microscopic milieu militant mimic mince mingle mint mirage miscellaneous mischievous mishap missile mitigate mobility modulate mold molest mollify momentary momentous momentum monetary monotonous moratorium morbid moribund mortar mosaic motif motto mould mourn muddle muffle mundane municipal munificent murmur muse muster mutation myriad mythology
nadir naive narcotic nausea nautical navigate negation negligence negligible negotiable negotiation nepotism nettle neurotic neutralize nibble niche nickel nimble nocturnal nominal nominate nostalgia notation notch nourishment novelty novice noxious nuance nullify numb numerical nurture
oasis obdurate obese obligatory obliging oblique obliterate oblivion oblivious obnoxious obscene obsequious observance obsess obsession obsolete obstinate obstruct obtrude occult odious officious offset offspring omen ominous omnipotent omniscient onlooker ooze opaque opportune optimism optimum optional opulence opulent ordain ordeal ordinance ore orientation orthodox oscillate ostensible ostentation ostracize outbreak outfit outrage outrageous outskirts outweigh ovation overdue overhaul overlap override overt
pact pad paddle painstaking palatable palpable pamphlet panacea panorama pants paradigm paralysis paralyze paramount parasite parasitic parch parody parsimonious partisan partition pathetic pathos patriotism patrol patronage pawn peach pebble pecuniary pedestrian penchant pending pendulum pensive penury perceptible perceptive perch percussion peremptory perennial perforate perilous perimeter periodical peripheral periphery perish perishable perjury permeable permeate pernicious perpendicular perpetuate perplex persevere persistent pertinent pervade perverse pervert pester pesticide petal petrify pharmaceutical phlegmatic physiological picturesque pier piety pigment pilgrim pinnacle pistol pivot placid plague plaintive plank plankton plausible plea pliable plight pluck plumb plummet plump plunder pneumonia poise poke polarity pompous ponder ponderous pony porcelain pore porous portfolio portray posterity posthumous postulate posture potent pottery pragmatic precarious precedent precipitate precipitation preclude predator predictable predisposition preeminent pregnancy pregnant prelude premium preponderance preposterous prerequisite prerogative prestige prestigious presumption presumptuous pretentious pretext prevail prevailing prevalent prey prick primordial probation procure prodigal prodigious profane profile profuse proliferate prolific prone pronounced prop propaganda propagate propel propensity proponent propriety propulsion prosecute prospective prosper protagonist protocol prototype protract protrude provident provincial provisional provocation provoke prowess proximity prudent pry psychiatry pulp puncture pungent purge purport
quack quaint qualitative qualm quantitative quarantine quarry queer quell quench querulous query quest quirk quotation
rack radiant raft ragged rainbow ramble ramp rampant ransom rap rapture ratify ravage rave reactionary reassure rebate rebuff rebuke recalcitrant recede receptacle recess recession recipient reciprocal recital recoil recompense rectangle rectify redeem redress redundant refrain refund refute regiment rehabilitate reimburse reiterate rejoice rejuvenate relapse relegate relentless relevance relic relinquish relish reminiscence remittance remnant remonstrate remorse renaissance rendezvous renounce renovate renowned repeal repel repent repertoire replenish replica replicate reprimand reproach reproduction repudiate requisite rescind residual residue resignation resonance resonant respiration respite resurrection retard retention reticent retort retract retrieve retrospect revelation reverberate reverence reverent rhetoric ribbon ridicule rift rig rigor rigorous rinse riot rite ritual rivet roam robust roundabout rubble rudimentary ruffle ruminate rupture rustic
sabotage saddle sag saga sagacious salient saliva salvage salvation sanction sanguine sanitary sanitation sanity sap sarcasm sardonic satire saturate savage savor scandal scavenger scoff scoop scorch scour scourge scramble scribble script scripture scroll scrub scruple scrupulous scrutinize scrutiny scuttle seasoning seclude seclusion secrete sect secular sedate sedentary sediment seduce seedling seep seethe segregate seismic semblance sensational sentimental sentry septic sever shabby shackle shaft shareholder shear shimmer shiver shoal shove shovel shred shrewd shriek shrill shrimp shrub shrug shun siege sieve sift signify silicon silt simulate simultaneous sinister sip skeptical skirmish skull skyrocket slab slacken slag slake slam slander slant slaughter slender slogan slot sloth slovenly sluggish slumber slump smear smother snarl sneak sneer snobbish soar solace solemn solicit solitary solitude solo soluble solvent somber sordid souvenir sovereign sparse spasm spawn spear speculation spiral spire splash splendor splinter sponsor sporadic spouse spout sprawl sprint sprout squander squash squeak stagger stagnant stale stalk staple static stature statute steadfast steamer stereotype sterile sterilize steward stimulus stipend stipulate stolid stoop stout strap stratum streak strenuous stride strife stringent stripe stroll stuffy sturdy subdue subscribe subservient subside subsidiary subsidy subsistence substantiate succinct succumb suffocate suffrage sullen sultry sumptuous sundry superfluous superintend supersede supple surge surmise surmount surreptitious susceptible suspense suspension sustenance swamp swarm swerve swirl syllabus symmetry symposium synchronize synthetic syrup
tablet taboo tacit taciturn tact tactic taint tally tamper tangible tangle tantalize tar tardy tarnish tedium teem temperament temperate tempest tempo tenable tenacious tentative tepid terminology terrain terrestrial terse texture thaw therapeutic thermal thermometer thrash thrifty throng thwart tile tilt tinge tint tirade toil token tonic torment tornado torpid touchy tournament toxic tractable trait traitor trample tranquil transcend transient translucent transmute transpire trash traverse treacherous treason treatise trek tremor trench trespass tributary tribute trickle trigger troupe truce trudge trumpet tub tug turbid turmoil turnover twig tycoon tyrannical tyrant tyro
ubiquitous unanimous uncanny uncouth underlying undertaking unearth uneven ungainly unify unravel upbraid update upheaval upright usurp utensil utilitarian
vacancy valiant validate vanity vapid vapor varnish vault veer vegetation vehement venerate vengeance vent ventilate verbose verdict verge versatile versed vex viable vibrant vigilant vigor vindicate virtually vogue volatile voracious vow vulgar vulnerable
wade wag wail waive wane wanton warden wardrobe wary waver wean weary weird weld whilst whim whirl wholesale wholesome wield wilderness willow wither withhold woe wrath wrench wrestle wretched
yarn yawn yearn yoke
zeal zealot zealous zenith zest
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