Inuit Islamic
Sedan Seoul Spaniard Sue
The Great Lakes Titanic
abduct abolish abolitionist abrogation abruptly abstinence absurdity accelerate access accidental acclimatory accommodation accord accordingly account for accrue acquiesce acquired acquisition acquittal activate actuate acupuncture acute adamant addition additive adipose adjoining adjudication admonition adopt adulatory adversarial adverse aeronautics affinity afflict affluence afoul aftermath agenda aggravate aggregation agrarian ailment airborne ale alfalfa algae alienate alkaline allegiance allergy alleviate alligator allow for allowance almshouse alternative altitude alto alumni amalgam amass amateur ambiguity ambivalence ambivalent amend amiable amnesia ample anachronism analgesic anatomy ancestor anecdotal anemia anesthetic anesthetics animate annuity anonymous antagonism antebellum antedate anterior anthology anthropological antiaristocratic antibiotics antibody anticlimactic antidote antifreeze antigen antipode antiquity antithesis ape aperiodic apolitical apologist apothecary apparatus apparel appliance applicable apportion apprehend apprentice approbation appropriation aquatic arable arbitrary arbitrator arcane archaeologist archenemy archives ardent area arid array artery articulate artifact artisan ascribe aspersion asphyxiation aspire assassination assess asteroid asthma astute asunder attorney attribute attrition auction audit aura aurora austere authentic automation autonomous auxin average aversion
backdrop balk ballad ballistic bankruptcy baptism bar bargain baritone bark baroque barrel base basketry battalion beatific behest benefactor beneficiary bereft beset besiege bestow betray betrayal better off beverage bicentenary bid bilateral bilingual biofeedback bipartisan birch bisect bizarre blackout bland blast bleak blemish blob blockade blot blurry bog bolster bombardment bondage bookkeeping boom boost boreal bottleneck bound bountiful bounty bouquet bout bower brazen breakthrough brevity brewery bring about briny brokerage bronze browse brutal budget buffer bugbear bulge bumblebee bummer bunch buoyant bureaucrat burgeon burglarize burrow bust bustle buttress bylaw
cabin cache calamitous calcium caliph calligraphic calorie campaign campesino canary cancerous canon canopy canvas capacity capricious captious captivity capture carbohydrate cardiac cargo caricature carol cartel cartographer cascade casualty catalog catalogue catalyst catastrophe category cater caterpillar cathedral caveat caviar cedar celebrity celestial censure census center centrifugal ceramic cereal ceremonial cessation chaise chalice chamber chameleon chant char charity charter chauvinism check cheetah chef chicanery chisel chord choreography chromosome chronic chronicle chronology churn cinder circle circulation circumference circumscribe circumspect circumvent civic civil claim clam clan clandestine clarify clerical cliche clientele climatologist clipping clockwise clog clone clothesline clumsy cluster coalesce coalition cobble cocaine cocoa coda code codify cognitive coherent coinage collaborate collateral combat combination combustion comedian comet commercial commission commonplace compact compactness companionate compatible compensate compensation compile complacency complement complementary complex compliance comply component compound comprehend compromise compulsory conceal concentrate concern concert concerto concession concrete concurrent condense condescending condor cone configuration confinement conform confront congenial congestion conglomerate congregation congruent connive consensus consortia conspiracy constellation constraint contagious contaminant contemplate contemporary contemptuous contentious context contiguous contingency contingent contralto control convalescence conversion convert conviction convoluted coordinate cornerstone cornstalk corny coronary corpulence corridor corroborate cortex cosmic cost counterclockwise counterfeit countervail coupon courier coy coyote crack cramped crass crater credence credit credo crest criminology criteria critique crucial crumple crunch crusade crypt cryptical cube cue culminate culpability cult cultivation culture-bound cumbersome cupidity curb cure-all curriculum curtail customize cylinder cynical
darn de-ice debase debenture debilitate debris debut decagon decay decent decimal decipher decrease deduce deduct defendant deferential deficit deform defrost deft degenerate deleterious deliberate delicate delineate delinquent delta deluge delusion demise demobilization demographic demolition demonstrable demur denationalization denigrate denote denouement dentition denunciatory depart depict deplete depletion deploy depreciation depress deride derision derivative derive derogatory descend descendant desegregation desktop despise detached detection detergent deterioration deterrent detractor detrimental devastate diabetes diagonal dialect diameter diaper dichotomy didactic die out diesel difference dilution diminish dine dinosaur dioxide dip diphtheria diploma directive disarm disavow discern discharge discount discourse discrete discretionary discrimination disenfranchise disguise disinclination dislodge dismal dismantle dismember disorder disorient disparaging disparate disparity dispassionate displace dispose dissemination dissenter dissipate distill distinct distort distraction distribution diva divergence divergent diverse diversify divest divestment dividend dividend divine divisible division division divisor divulge docile doctrine dogma dogwood donor doom dope dose doubtless downzoning drab drain drastic drizzle dropout dubious ductile dummy dump dump duplicate durability dwelling dwindle dynamics dysfunction dyskinesia
echelon ecology economic economical economy ecosystem edge effigy effluent egalitarianism eggnog egregious elaborate elective electorate electron elevate elicit eligible eliminate elite elliptical elongate elongation eloquent elude elusive emanate emancipation embalm embargo embark embellish embody embrace embroider embryo emerald emission empirical emulate encapsulate encode encompass encounter encroach endeavor endemic endorse endorsement endothermic endowment enervation engender engrave engulf enhance enlist enormous enrich enslave ensue entail enterprise entice entity entrant entree entrepreneur enumeration envelope envious envision enzyme epic epicenter epidemic episode epochal era eradicate erratic ersatz erudition eschew espionage espouse estrange et al eternal ethnicity ethnocentric ethnographic ethnologist ethnomusicology etymology euphoria evacuation evaporate even number evict exacerbate exaggerate excavate excerpt excise exclusionary excrete excruciate excursion executioner exempt exhaustive exhort exigency exile exodus exoneration exotic expatriate expedient expedite expedition expertise explicate explicit expound expressly expulsion exquisite exterior exterminate external extinguish extradite extraneous extrapolation extraterrestrial extricate extrinsic
fabrication facade faction factor fad fade fake fallacy fallow falter famine fanatic fanfare far-reaching farce fare fatal fatality fault fauna fava bean feat fecundity feeble feline feminist ferret fervent fetal feudal fickle fiction fictitious fid field studies fierce filibuster finale financial crash fiscal fjord flawed fleck fledgling flippant flora florid fluctuation fluorescent foe folly forage forebear forecast foreclose foreign foresee foreshorten forestall forge formidable forthcoming forthwith fortitude fortress foster foul fraction fracture fragile fragment fragrance frame framework fraternal fraudulent fresco fretful frivolous front frugal frustrate fume fungi funnel furnace fusion futile
galaxy gauge gear geese gender genetic genetical genuine geometrid geometry girdle glacier gland glean glut gorilla gourmet grade-school gradient gradual grandiloquent grandiosity granular graveside gravitate graze gregarious grievance grim ground gruesome gullible gymnast gynecologist gyration
habitat habitation hadron hail hallmark hamper hamster handicap hard-edge hardy harness hatchback haven havoc hazardous hedgehog hedonist hefty hegemony height helicopter hem hepatitis herbicide hereditary heretical heritage herring heterogeneity hexagon hierarchy highlight hinder hinterland hitherto hockey holistic homicide hominid hominization homogeneous hone hormone horrendous hospitable hostility household hue hum humanitarian hydrogen hyperbole hypersensitive hypertension hypnotist hypotenuse hypothesis
ice-polished iconography identical identify ideographic idioglossia idiosyncrasy idle ignition iguana illiterate illuminate illusionary illusory immaterial immediate imminent immoral immune immunological immutable impact impart impartiality impasse impede impediment imperative imperial impersonal impetus impinge implant implication implicit imposition impoverish impressionable impunity in-house inadvertent inalienable incandescent incentive incineration incipient incisive incompatible incongruity inconsequential incorporate increase increment incriminate inculcation incumbent incursion indelible indenture indices indigenous indigent indignation indiscriminate inducement indulge inept inertia inevitable inexorable inexplicable inextricable infancy infectious infest infield infirmary inflammatory inflection influx infrared ingenious ingenuity ingest ingrained inhalation inherent inherited inhumane iniquitous initial injunction innate inoculate inordinate inpatient input inquisitorial insatiable inscribe inscribe insidious insight insomnia installation instantaneous instigate instill insulate insulin intact intake intangible integral integrate intense intention intentional intercept interdependency interest rate interferometer interior interlude intermediary intermittent internecine interpolation interrelated interrogate intersect intersection intestinal intestine intimate intricacy intricate intrigue intriguing intrinsic intrinsically invalidate inventory invertebrate inveterate invigorate invoke irate ironically irrational irrelevant irritant isolation
jacket jawbone jeopardize jettison jolt judicious jumbo jurisdiction juvenile juxtapose
kidnap kinetic kinship knack
lactic landfill larvae laser latch lateral latitude laudable laudatory laurel lease leery leeway leg legislature legitimacy legitimate length lethal letup lever levy lexicographer liability liken limestone lingo linguist linguistics lionize liquidation liquidator listless litigant live livelihood liver livestock loaf lobbyist lobe locale locomotion longevity loom lore lot luminescence luminosity lunar lush
magnetic magnitude maim mainstream maize maladaptive malady malaria malfunction malpractice mammalian mandatory maneuver manipulate mannerism manufacture margin marginal marijuana marine marrow martial masculinity mask mason mass maternal mature maximum meander measles mechanism median medieval medium medium meek megalithic melancholy membrane memento memoir merchant metabolize metamorphose meteorite meteorologist methodology metropolitan migrant milieu millennia mimic mingle miniature minimum minus minute miracle mishap missile mite mitigate mob mobility modest modification modify mold molten momentous monarch monitor monochrome monopoly monotonous monsoon morale morphine mortality mortgage mosaic mosque mosquito moth motion mound movement multiple multiplier multiply mundane municipal mural mutation mute mutiny mutual myopic mystic mythological
nadir narcissistic narrator natal naval navigation neologism neonate neoorthodoxy neutral neutrino neutron star nexus niche nickel nicotine nitrogen nomad nostalgia notorious nova novelty novice noxious nuance nuclear nucleon nucleus null number numerator nutritious nylon
oatmeal obedience obeisance obesity obituary obligatory obnoxious obscure obsess obsidian obsolescence obtrusive obviate occupy octagon odds odor off-the-shelf offset offshoot olfactory omen omnipotent onset opaque optical optimal opulent orchestra ordinance ordinate ore organism orientation orthodox ostensible ostentation oust outdated outdistance outfield outgrowth outlay outlet outmoded outmost outnumber outpatient output outrageous outright oval ovarian overarch overextend overlie overlord overrefine overriding overrun overt overtone overuse overweening oxide ozone
pagination painstaking painstakingly pair palatability paleolithic pallid palm paltry pamphlet panacea panel pang paperwork paradigm parallel lines parallel paramount paranormal paraphrase parapsychology parasite pare parental-leave parenthetical parish parochial parole particular particulate partisan pass passbook pasta pasture patent paternalism pathogenic pathology patron patronage patronize peak pecuniary pedagogical pedantic peddler pedestrian peer pelvis penalty pendant penetrate peninsula penitence penitentiary penny-pinch pension pentagon per capita perceive perception perennial perfunctory perimeter periodicity peripheral periphery perish perk permeate permutation pernicious perpendicular perpetrator persecute perspiration pertinent pervasive perversion pesticide petition pharmaceutical pharmacologist phase phonograph phony photosynthesis physiological pigment pinnacle pint pinto plague plaintiff plane plaque platform plausible plead pleiotropic pliant pliers plumb plummet pluralistic plus plywood pneumonia poacher pointed poke polarity pollen pollinate pollination polyarchy polygon polygraph pompous pop porcelain pornography portage portend portrayal posterity poststructuralism potent potpourri pottery power practitioner pragmatic prairie precaution precipitation precipitous precipitously precursor predator predecessor predicament predicate predisposition preeminence preface preferential prejudicial premature premium preoccupied preponderance prerequisite preservative pressboard prestige prevalence previous prey primate primer primitive principal probate probe problematic proceeds proctor prodigious prodigy produce product proficient profile profit profitability profound progressive prohibitive project projected proliferate prominent promulgate prone to pronounced propagation propensity property propitious proportion proportional propound proprietary prosaic prose prospect prospectus prosper protagonist protege protein protocol proton prototype provenance provision provocative prowl proximity prudent prudery pry pseudoscience psyche psychiatric psychoactive psychological psychopath psychosis publicity pulp pulsation punctuation punitive pup pupation purge pursue putty pyramid
quadrant quadrilateral quadruple quail qualify quandary quanta quarantine quarry quasar quiescent quintessential
rabble rabies raccoon racist radial radiant radical radius radon rage ragtime raid rampage rancher ransom rapid rare rate rating ratio ration rational rationale rationality ravenous reactionist reactor real estate realtor rear-echelon rear rebut recall recapture recast receipt receptor recession reciprocal reciprocal reclamation recoup recruit recruiter rectangle recur redress reduce referenda referendum reflex refund regime regiment regressive rehabilitate rehash reign reimburse reiterate rekindle relay relentless relinquish reluctant remainder remedy reminiscence renaissance rendition repeal repertoire replete replicate repository reproach reptile reptilian repudiate repudiation rescind resent reservation resign respire responsive restitution resurgence resuscitation retail retaliation retard retention retentive revenue revere revise revisionist revitalize revival revokable rhetoric rhinoceros rhombus rhythmical rib rigorous rinse rival rivalry robin robust rodent rough-hewn rubble rudimentary runner rupture
sabotage sacralization salable sale price salience saliva samurai sanction sanctuary sandwich sanitarium sanitary sap saturate scale scan scapegoat scarcity scatter scenario school scintillate scorch scour scramble scrap screen scrupulous scrutinize scurrilous scurvy seance secretion secular secure sedentary sediment seductive segment segregation seismic seismologist semiarid semiconductor seminal seminar semiotic seniority sensational sensible sensuality sentient sentiment sentinel sequel sequential sequester sermonize session shatter shave shelter shield shift shoplifting shortfall shrewd shrill shuttle sickle side sidestep siege skeptic skepticism sketch sketchy skull slander slice slip slowdown smallpox smear smite smog sniper scope sniper soar sodium sojourn solicit soloist solvency somatic sophisticated sophomore soprano span spark spate spatial speak specific specimen specter spectrum speculate spell spell spew sphere spherule spillover spine spiteful spleen splinter spoil sponsor spray spruce spur square square squash stage staggering stagnant stale stance standpoint staple starch stark startling stationary statute statutory stave steep steerage stellar stench steppe stereotype stimulus stinkwood stipend stipulate stitch stock stockpile storefront strain strain strata strategic strategy stratigraphical strenuous stride strife stringent strive stroke strut stultify stunt sturdy subconscious subcontract subdue subject subordinate subscriber subscription subsequent subsidiary subsidize substantial substantiate substantive substrate subterfuge subtract succumb suffice sugarcane sulfur sultan sum superb superficial supernova supersede superstition supplement supplicant suppressant surface area surface surpass surplus susceptibility susceptible sustain swell switch syllable symmetrical symptom syndicate syndrome synonymous synthesize
tablet taboo tack tactic tactical tactile tag takeover tally tamper tangent tangible tardive tariff tartan tease technocrat tedious temblor temperance tempo tenet tenor tentative terminate terminology terrestrial territory terrorism terse testimony the Bering sea the Federal Res. the Parthenon the Warsaw Pact thereafter threshold thrive throttle thwart tickle tilt times tinge tinker tissue toddler tonality topographical topple topsoil torture total totalitarian tout toxic toxin trait traitorous trajectory transcribe transform transistor transmit transmitter trapezium trauma traverse treasury trench trenchant triangle tribal trim triple trite trivial tuberculosis tubular tumble turbine turbulent turmoil turn turnover tyrannical
ulcer ultimate unbridled undercut undergo underlying undermine underpin unicameral unification unison universality unparalleled unprecedented untenable unviable unwarranted unwieldy unwitting updrafts upgrade upheaval upstate upsurge upturn urchin usurp utilize
vacancy vaccine vacuum vague valance validity vanity variable various vascular vegetarian vegetation vehement velocity velvet vendor veneer venerable vengeance venom vent venture verdict verge verifiability verisimilitude vernacular versatility version vessel vestige viable vicinity victim victor villainy vintner viola virgin visionary visual vitriolic vividness vocal volatile voluminous
wage warrior wayside wedge-shaped weld well-being whim whirligig wholesale width wig willy-nilly windshield wingspan wither without withstand witty womb wreak wreath wristband write-off
yeast yellow fever yield
zing zoning zoom
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